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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Philippines Customs Tax Calculator

A lot of Pinoy eBayers, including myself, have asked for help from the experts on how to compute for tax/duties for imported products or items delivered from abroad. Based on information from an eBay thread (thanks to katana_hunter, tamed_8souls & v.carter), I created a calculator for this purpose. It's a little crude, but hopefully it becomes handy for those who have items to be delivered to the Philippines.

Disclaimer: This is meant only as a tool to estimate customs fees. This is in no way meant to be an official computation. Please use the calculation as guidance only.

Input fields are in yellow.

For corrections or suggestions for improvement, just leave a comment.

Declared Value
Shipping Cost
Other Costs
Total Taxable

Peso Rate
Amount For Customs Fee Computation

Tariff Rate (get the rate from the Tariff Table. if you're too lazy, just peg it at 10%)
Customs Fee

Postal Charge

Total Vatable
VAT (12%)

Total Amount To Pay (sum of green fields)

For those using Express Mail Service (EMS), here's additional information:

EMS office phone numbers at Pasay City (as of August 2010):

854 5257
854 5148
867 8070
854 0084
854 3580
854 4621

Wikimapia map: EMS Location Map