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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Following The Herd

In the past months i saw a lot of surveys & polls but noticed essentially two disparate results: the kind where Noynoy and Villar leads...

SWS: Binay now tied with Mar; Noynoy widens lead

Erap tied with Villar in new Pulse Asia survey

And the kind where Gordon and Gibo is at the top...

Gordon, Roxas, Santiago top UP mock polls

Pic your President

If I didn't have enough time to analyze the candidates, and had to resort to consulting what the populace thinks, I need to decide which crowd is smarter (and therefore more attuned to what this country needs), then pick whomever is on top of its polls.

How do you know which one is smarter? Simple: Look where Erap is miserably failing in the rankings. Any poll that doesn't put Erap in the top three has a more sane set of voters, I think everyone would agree... I'd rather be influenced by this crowd.

By all means, we should make an independent and impartial choice, but if for some reason you can't make a principled choice and just have to follow the herd, at least follow the smarter herd.


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