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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Project 10 To The 100

Last year Google ventured into an altruistic project with Project 10^100. It's goal is to release $10 million for top ideas out there that would most benefit the world.

The idea is so simple, you'd wonder why nobody has thought about it way back.

There are just a few important premises: one, that the world has problems (no doubt about that!); two, that there are thousands of ideas out there; and lastly, that in order for an idea to make a far-reaching impact, you have to know our greatest issues. That's where we come in.

The search giant has solicited thousands of ideas since last year, and now it's time to cast votes to decide which idea will get funding.

What's so neat about this is, we get to become part of it even while we're just sitting back at home or from our favorite coffee shops.

Go and vote here! Quick, quick, coz deadline is October 8, 2009!

PS: If you get dizzy about the choices, let me help you out with an article. Caution, this is a little geeky, but it was surprising to find out that we'll get more bang-for-the-buck benefits when we focus on health issues... vitamins. The Top Ten Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems

And yeah, note too that your biggest personal problems are most likely not in the Top 10... so be grateful. ;-)

I picked "Make government more transparent". You?

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