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Monday, December 24, 2007

Too Old For Christmas

Don't you have that yearly feeling that, when Christmas season comes around, you don't get excited about the holidays anymore than when you were younger? Does it have something to do with age? Or maybe times are getting tougher? Or do we get too busy with our careers we don't have time to slow down and feel the holidays anymore?

After all, what's an adult to look forward to when there are no more toys being opened on Christmas eve, no more going from street to street caroling for small bills and change into our pockets, no more "Mamamasko po" and Santa Clauses dressed like ninongs and ninangs, lolos and lolas, titos and titas, no more being taken out by parents for small outings and carnival rides...

Boring... the price of being an adult. But, hey, if you're feeling that way, then you must be an adult.

And you might just be onto the biggest reality check of your life... That is: Christmas is for kids!

Yep, no need to worry then. It's your turn to wear Santa's hat and make the kids around you feel the season of giving. Your turn to give and share, and make it your business that they have fun throughout the season. Make your kids, nephews and nieces feel special. 'Cause you know, one day too, that they'll be missing that feeling the same way we adults do.

Spread love and happiness... Have a wonderful Christmas, folks!

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